Take Action - Tell Congress: Vehicle Owners Should Control Their Data

Vehicle data is the most pressing issue facing our industry and it is time that we take a stand.

From engine diagnostics to driver behavior, today’s modern vehicle is a computer on wheels – collecting and transmitting enormous amounts of personal data.


But right now, only automakers can access data from their vehicles – and they’re not only collecting and selling the data, they’re lobbying Congress to keep it that way.


Since automakers are the only ones with access to vehicle data, they decide how to use this information, and who to sell it to. This means vehicle owners are often steered toward more expensive repair options that rely on OE replacement components.


The independent auto care industry provides a quality, convenient and affordable option for millions of drivers every day. Eliminating choice in service and parts and degrading competition will raise costs for consumers and threaten the viability of our industry – an important cog in the U.S. economy.