Welcome to the Auto Care Association’s Advocacy Center – a one-stop shop for auto care stakeholders who wish to become more active in public policy.


The Auto Care Association serves members in a variety of important ways, each designed to help them maintain their position as innovative and impactful businesses. Our government affairs department represents the industry’s complex set of interests before federal and state legislators and regulators, and advocates for policies that are favorable to our member businesses.


Finding your legislators to write about an important issue or supporting the industry’s political action committee, ACPAC, has never been easier. We are constantly updating the website to include the most relevant issues, events and features, so be sure to check back frequently!


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the immediate welfare of businesses across our country into the hands of federal and state lawmakers. Now more than ever, it is critical for our industry to be fully engaged in all three components of advocacy: grassroots, lobbying, and pac. Read the 2021 Auto Care Advocacy Report to learn more about what our accomplishments were this past year and how you can get involved today.

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