Tell Congress: Support Right to Repair!

Urge your lawmakers to put vehicle owners interests first by supporting Right to Repair legislation for the auto repair industry.   


As vehicle technology has advanced, new barriers to a competitive repair market have emerged. It’s essential for American motorists that we break down barriers to vehicle repair, and that owners and their trusted independent repair shops have access to the critical information, tools, and parts needed to keep their cars or trucks on the road safer, longer.  


Right to Repair legislation should: 

  1. Protect a pro-consumer and competitive motor vehicle repair market;
  2. Provide independent repair shops with the rights to critical information, tools, and equipment needed to repair modern cars and trucks; and
  3. Task the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with developing cybersecurity standards and guidelines to protect vehicle data and systems when repair and maintenance data is accessed by vehicle owners or their designees.



Right to Repair is the most pressing issue facing our industry and it is time that we take a stand!

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