Tell Congress to support H.R. 4996, the “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021”

The independent auto care industry relies on global trade. Our repair shops and part stores sell both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts as well as aftermarket auto parts.  In 2020, the United States exported $66.69 billion and imported $131.5 billion worth of automotive parts.


Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions are negatively impacting our domestic aftermarket part manufacturers’ ability to export parts, and our industry’s ability to efficiently import auto parts which is resulting in part shortages and order delays.


The Auto Care Association supports the bipartisan “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021” (H.R. 4996) sponsored by Representatives John Garamendi (D-CA) and Dusty Johnson (R-SD) as one step towards reducing delays at our nation’s ports and increasing the efficient movement of auto parts into and out of the United States.


The “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021” would:



  • Establish reciprocal trade to promote U.S. exports as part of the Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) mission.
  • Require ocean carriers to adhere to minimum service standards that meet the public interest, reflecting best practices in the global shipping industry.
  • Require ocean carriers or marine terminal operators to certify that any late fees —known in maritime parlance as “detention and demurrage” charges—comply with federal regulations or face penalties.
  • Shift burden of proof regarding the reasonableness of “detention or demurrage” charges from the invoiced party to the ocean carrier or marine terminal operator.
  • Prohibit ocean carriers from declining opportunities for U.S. exports unreasonably, as determined by the FMC in new required rulemaking.
  • Require ocean common carriers to report to the FMC each calendar quarter on total import/export tonnage and twenty-foot equivalent units (loaded/empty) per vessel that makes port in the United States.
  • Authorizes the FMC to self-initiate investigations of ocean common carrier’s business practices and apply enforcement measures, as appropriate.

If your legislator has already co-sponsored H.R. 4996 you will be taken to a “thank you” email.

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