Below is a list of some of the most common questions received regarding the Auto Care Political Action Committee (ACPAC). Please feel free to reach out to Hailey Ray, at if you have any additional questions about ACPAC or our political outreach in general.

What are ACPAC contributions used for?


Every penny of every ACPAC contribution is used to support the election of U.S. Senators and House Representatives who share the industry’s goals: consumer choice, free trade and business-friendly regulation. By ensuring access to key federal legislators, ACPAC allows the association to effectively educate Congress about the auto care industry and our issues.

Who receives ACPAC contributions?


ACPAC’s process for selecting candidates to receive contributions is non-partisan and unbiased. Our main consideration is the strength of the candidate’s commitment to the auto care industry and his or her willingness to work with the Auto Care Association in promoting a common agenda. Other factors include: the candidate’s seniority or congressional power and personal contacts in the industry.

How much can I contribute?


There is no minimum contribution; however, federal law limits individual contributions to $5,000 per individual per calendar year to a federal PAC. If you have contributed to other PACs, you are still eligible to contribute to ACPAC.

What are the giving levels for ACPAC?


$5,000: Presidents Club

$2,500: Champions Club

$1,000: Leadership Club

$500: Capitol Club

$365: 365 Club

Less than $365: PAC Supporter

Are there restrictions on ACPAC contributions?


Yes, the following restrictions apply:

  • Contributions cannot exceed $5,000 per person, per year;
  • Contributions from corporations are banned;
  • Contributions must come from U.S. citizens or green card holders;
  • Contributions cannot be made in the name of another person; and
  • Cash contributions cannot exceed $100 per contributor per year.

What information needs to be collected for each contributor?


By law information must be submitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for each contribution. The records must note:

  • Amount
  • Date of Receipt
  • Donor’s name and address
  • Donor’s occupation and employer

How do I get involved with ACPAC?


  1. First step, sign the ACPAC Prior Approval Form which can be found HERE. Then you can gain access to additional information about ACPAC and how to contribute.
  2. If you have already granted ACPAC prior approval, click HERE to sign-in and process your contribution.


Please contact Hailey Ray, at if you have any questions.