Company Support

Auto Care Association member companies play an important role in raising contributions for ACPAC! The more member company participation we get the more ACPAC can grow!  Here are a few ways companies can support ACPAC:


Step 1: Submit a Prior Approval Form

Each member company must submit a prior approval form for each calendar year in order to authorize ACPAC to solicit and accept contributions from its employees. Prior approval is granted by an authorized representative of the company. Click here to grant prior approval for this year!


Step 2: Launch an Internal Campaign to Raise ACPAC Contributions

Additionally, companies who have granted prior approval are encouraged to launch internal campaigns among their executives and other key salaried employees to raise ACPAC contributions! Auto Care is also happy to speak with your executives directly about the importance of ACPAC and the critical role it plays in the success of our advocacy efforts.

Thank you to the companies listed below who have conducted company campaigns this year.


Step 3: Set a Company ACPAC Goal!

Companies can work with the Auto Care Association to set a target for the contributions ACPAC is able to raise from its employees based on the size of the company and the familiarity of your employees with advocacy and ACPAC. The chart on the right shows the company leaderboard for ACPAC contributions from their employees!

PAC Leaderboard

Dollars Contributed This Year.

  • TASCO $20,265.00
  • Automotive Parts Headquarters $15,000.00
  • BBB Industries $11,950.00
  • Auto Care Association $11,501.50
  • N.A. Williams Company $11,120.00
  • Arnold Motor Supply $9,700.00
  • Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc. $9,412.00
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts $5,550.00
  • Dorman Products, Inc. $5,385.00
  • Hovis Auto & Truck Supply, Inc. $5,365.00

ACPAC Company Campaign Partners